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Anstehende Veranstaltungen. Hier finden Sie eine Übersicht der anstehenden anthesis-Veranstaltungen und Workshops. Um eine Komplettübersicht zu erhalten, wechseln Sie zu unserem Event-Kalender. Zum Event-Kalender
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Studies on the morphology and anatomy of the flower and anthesis of Metrodorea nigra St. Hill. (Rutaceae) showed perfect flowers, which occurred in panicle. The peak of the flowering was August and September. The anthesis was diurnal and the species presented protandrous flowers. The green sepals and the red petals
Shoot growth and anthesis in Vitis') by. CHARLOTTE PRATT and B, G, Crmvuna. La oroissance des rameaux et l'anthése de la vigne. R e s u m :3. — La majorité des rameaux verts de la vigne montre un nombre assez constant d'ontrenoouds an moment de l'anthese. Vitis vinifera L (16—19) présente un plus grand nombre
Once you have the results Using graphs to calculate optimum sowing and anthesis date and yield loss for being late. Association between sowing date and grain yield (up) and anthesis date and grain yield (down). The example has two varieties (late and early) and 4 sowing dates (S1 - S4) o late variety o early variety 0
Shoot growth and anthesis in Vitis1. ) by. CHARLOTTE PRATT and B. G. CoO.\IBE. La croissance des rameaux et l'anthese de la vigne. R e s u m e . - La majorite des rameaux verts de la vigne montre un n.ombre assez constant d'entrenoeuds au moment de l'anthese. Vitis vinifera L. (16-19) presente un plus grand nombre
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That there are waves of blossoming, or anthesis, in any particular locality and that such waves are more pronounced or less apparent according to the greater or the less amplitude of temperature variation, is a matter of both common experience and scientific knowledge. The seasonal succession of vegetative and
Five biparental mapping population used to develop 150 test crosses Grain yield, anthesis date, and anthesis–silking interval Maize SNP50 bead chip RR-BLUP NTP: 204 in six environments rGBLUP: 0.44 (grain yield) rGBLUP: 0.52 (anthesis date) rLASSO: 0.45 (anthesis–silking interval) Windhausen et al. (2012) Maize
Transpiration, leaf conductance to water vapor, leaf water potential, and photosynthesis were examined during flower induction and at anthesis in cocklebur and soybean growing under carefully controlled tem- perature and photoperiod conditions. In both species, transpiration rate based on water loss from whole plants

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